Judge Joyce Morgan, Diane and Patrick
Judge Alane Gomez, Diane and Genny
-serves on the Board of Governors for the
Club of America
-is an SCA approved breed mentor
-is a member of the
Samoyed Club of Austin
-supports Samoyed Rescue of Texas
-serves on National Specialty committees
-has held offices in local all-breed clubs
Quin loved to herd!
Western Heritage Parade
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About Us
Diane and Sophie
Galaxy Samoyeds

Galaxy Samoyeds began in 1985 when we got Quin,
an adorable companion and performance dog.  We
soon discovered that one Samoyed was not
enough.  We added Nick to our family.  We trained
and showed in obedience and herding, participated
in therapy and excelled in cuddling on the couch.  
Our first conformation dog was Sunny, who was one
of the top-winning Samoyeds during his show career
and another cherished member of our family.  Our
current Sams have continued that winning tradition in
the show and performance rings and at home —
winning their way into our hearts.

Galaxy breeds for overall balance and correct
structure, including the correct front and rear
angulation called for in the
Samoyed Standard,
along with beautiful type, sincere Sammy smiles, and
pleasing personalities.  We breed only occasionally,
to pass along the best Samoyed genes to future
generations.  Our number one priority is always to
preserve the best of this beautiful, working breed.  
Sires and dams are always CHIC tested.  
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Bred with HEART
Breeder of Merit