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Galaxy Families
Ajja and Cody                    Andi with Dave and Lis              Renee and Sasha         
Baker Family with Naku
Dunlap Family with Briar
LaRoche Family with Nicky
Sencenbaugh Family with Journey
Colburn Family with Bear
Patrick x Candy Kids
DOB 11-6-2002
McGwire x Candy Kids
DOB 5-25-2004
McGwire x Genny Kids
DOB 8-10-2006
Scott Family and Dakota
Anderson Family with Riker
Ben x Genny Kids
DOB 6-12-2008
Jane with Benson and Ben
Charlie & Danette with Ceili
Jennifer & David with Cosmos
Sara and Andy with Emma
Naku x Sassy Kids
DOB 10-26-2014
Flurry and Family
Chris, Shelley and Family
with Flurry
Max and Family
Brad, Dee and  Family
with Max
George and Family
Scott, Jackie and Family  
with Bentley
Bentley and Family
George Family
Sonny and Marcella
Sonny and Family
Jeri amd Wayne with Sunny
Keawe x Roxie Kids
DOB 12-26-2017
Jeri and Wayne with baby girl Sunny
Elise and Elaine with Tex
Elaine and Elise with Tex