Scammers are horrible people and we hate them!

  • You are being scammed if the site requires you to pay without inviting you to visit the actual location to see the puppies and the mama dogs.
  • You are being scammed if the site says they will ship the puppy to you after you pay, but you aren't allowed to go visit the puppies and breeder.
  • You are being scammed if the site is more about selling you a puppy than evaluating you as a good family for the puppy.
  • Go to the Samoyed Club of America breeder listings to find actual breeders in your area.  You can also check the Marketplace for breeders who register puppies with AKC...AND follow the recommendations on the Samoyed Club of America website.

Scammers steal from legitimate sites

Almost every day a legitimate breeder finds their photos and writings stolen and pasted on a scam site.  We try hard to catch those folks and put them out of business, but it's a 24/7 job.  So be sure you talk to the breeder and get references and double check. Responsible breeders are happy for you to do that!